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"Sparrow shares her wisdom with respect and compassion. She has been a major influence in my
life  and  has helped me become a better parent to my Autistic children. [...] Sparrow writes with
diplomacy and from a place of genuine concern for the wellbeing of the children in her tribe."

- from Michelle Sutton's introduction to "ABA - Applied Behavior Analysis" in The Real Experts.

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Books by Sparrow

ABCs Book Cover

The ABCs of Autism Acceptance

Forthcoming, Fall 2016, Autonomous Press.

Autism awareness is merely a starting point. Awareness without acceptance and understanding does more damage than good. The ABCs of Autism Acceptance takes the reader on an Autistic tour of the alphabet, visiting important topics ranging from healthcare access to bullying and trauma to love, and much more, stepping beyond simple awareness into the understanding and acceptance that are required of each one of us if we hope to truly welcome and support the Autistic members of our huge and diverse human family.
book cover - No You Don't

No You Don't: Essays from an Unstrange Mind

2013, Unstrange Publications, 162 pages, available in Kindle format and Paperback.
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Goodreads quotes from the book. Goodreads reviews.

This collection of raw, honest, emotional essays describe the pitfalls and joys of an autistic life. The author is a popular autistic blogger and the title essay, No You Don't, won a loyal readership who admired the courage it took to share some of the darkest, most difficult times of Jones' life. This collection includes that essay and one other popular essay that was published on the author's blog, Unstrange Mind, but all the rest of the writing in this book is new and has never been seen in print before -- on the blog or elsewhere. While this book contains reflections on some of the harsher aspects of living an autistic life, the overall tone is upbeat and hopeful. This book is not an exposť; the author describes it as a love song to the world. Jones expresses that the hope in writing was to help bridge the social gap between autistic people and non-autistic people and to help parents by showing them one person's story in hopes that a glimpse of one autistic life, viewed across the life span from childhood to middle age, will help validate and support parents in making wise choices in the confusing and difficult journey of mentoring their own children into becoming the strong and happy adults they are meant to be.

Books with Sparrow's Writing in Them

real experts book cover

"ABA -- Applied Behavior Analysis"
in The Real Experts: Readings for Parents of Autistic Children

November 24th, 2015, Autonomous Press, ed. Michelle Sutton.
Available in Kindle format and Paperback.

"There is power here. Beauty that almost hurts. Pain that almost heals. Vulnerability so real it leaves you a little breathless. There is love, expanding beyond what the page can contain." - from Erin Human's review

"Included in the collection is Sparrow Rose Jones’ insightful and excellent essay about Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). She reaches out to parents with the understanding that they wish to do the best for their children and offers some observations and guidelines to help navigate and select the best therapies for their children, while debunking the idea that “treating” autistic children should have an end result of making them indistinguishable from non-autistic children" - from N. I. Nicholson's review in Barking Sycamores

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typed words book cover

"The Song of Life Unfolding"
in Typed Words, Loud Voices

June 9, 2015, Autonomous Press, eds. Amy Sequenzia and Elizabeth J. Grace, pp. 119-24.
Available in Kindle format and Paperback.

Typed Words, Loud Voices is written by a coalition of writers who type to talk and believe it is neither logical nor fair that some people should be expected to prove themselves every time they have something to say. Read our arguments and hear us. Help us change the world.

"The Song of Life Unfolding" is an essay about life as an Autistic person who can speak sometimes but not all the time. It discusses the struggles of having intermittent needs taken seriously and accommodated with dignity.

You can download free Kindle reading apps for different computers and other devices from Amazon if you don't own a Kindle.