“Facilitate” comes from a Latin word meaning “easy to do”. As a facilitator, my work provides the scaffolding that makes things easier for others to do.

Peer Support Groups – I facilitate various online peer support groups for Autistic adults, through AANE and independently. Log in and meet others, share your insights and struggles, and find a connection with others. I am here to provide the scaffolding and structure that keep the group safe and active.

Life Facilitation – as a companion, coach, or Direct Support Professional (DSP) I facilitate an individual’s pursuit of their passions and goals. Whether you want scaffolding and support to brush your teeth or craft your resume, shop for groceries or bake a loaf of bread, clean your room or paint a masterpiece, I can help you harness your skills and pursue your goals.

Writing Facilitation – individually or in groups, I provide the inspiration and creative container to bring out the poet that lives within every person who carries words inside their head and heart.

Rhythm Event Facilitation – I was trained in Arthur Hull’s method of drum circle facilitation. I can help to release everyone’s inner musician, whether they recognize themselves as a musical person or not. Rhythm events help groups of people find their collective rhythm and become an orchestra of interconnectedness.